News and Updates 2014/15

January 2014

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Graduation 2014


In July 2014, many of our older children graduated from the nursery in an emotional ceremony. This was our ‘Goodbye’ to them before they left for the ‘Big School’ in September and thanks to staff for all the work they have done. Some of the children have been with us since they were five months old!

Parents, relations, friends of our families, all crowded into the main room at Southdene Community Centre which had been decorate with balloons, swathes of drapery, pictures made by the children and a wall of graduation portraits of each child.

All the children wore blue graduation gowns and mortar board specially made for the occasion. Emmah Mitchell, the qualified teacher gave a speech mentioning every child and their achievements. Emmah then gave out the graduation scrolls. Then, it was party time for the children! It was also nice to have Hannah Tomlinson with us for the day, who will be taking over as our teacher in September. Hannah did her teaching qualification at Edge Hill University and is Kirkby born and bred.

We wish them well and every success in their future lives at school!


Want to volunteer for us? Do you have a few spare hours a week?

Would you like to help in our nursery?

We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers to work with us in the nursery. Do you have any skills in:

Working with children, reading to them, playing, helping them develop?

Gardening – we are looking for someone to show children how to look after, grow plants and vegetables…

Photocopying, laminating, displaying children’s work…

Marketing our nursery, producing leaflets, distributing materials to shops and places where people gather….

Helping out in our healthy eating kitchen, preparing veg, fruit, washing up….

No qualifications necessary, just bring your self and all your experience of life!

We will interview you, ask for references and conduct a CRB check before you can work with us.

Want to know more? Contact: Sara, Nursery Manager
0151 548 9333
Email :


Children in Need!

On 18th November 2014 we took part in the Children in Need fundraising activities being played out all over the UK.

Our children had a marathon cake baking session the day before and on the day everyone went Spotty!

All our staff and children tried to wear as many spots as they could and between them raised well over £80 by selling our offerings and having a raffle…:


Breast Feeding Friendly Award

In November 2014 we were re-awarded a Breast Feeding Friendly Award by the Five Boroughs Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

The Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme, is part of a wider campaign that is bidding to improve breastfeeding figures across Merseyside called ‘The Breast Milk, It’s Amazing.’ It was launched in the summer by Liverpool PCT, NHS Knowlsey, NHS Sefton and NHS Wirral in response to figures that showed mums on Merseyside were the least likely to breastfeed in the UK. In the Knowsley area only 40 per cent of women breastfed their children
at birth…..

Sara Malvern, manager of our said: ‘There is overwhelming scientific evidence that breastfeeding has short and long term health benefits for women and their babies. However, it is not easy in some areas for women who wish to breastfeed to do so. We want to provide a private, safe and comfortable place in our nursery so that mums have the support that they need to be able to breastfeed and they can give their babies the very best start in life.’



The Computer Age

As a teaching nursery we are aware of the importance of all our children having every advantage in a world where everything is increasingly dependent on how well you can use a computer. This is why we have increased the number of PCs in our setting and deployed an interactive whiteboard. We have also done a deal with PKT Solutions upstairs as part of their commitment to be a social enterprise to offer reduced price PCs. Call 0151 601 3586 or Email


Parental First Aid Training

Many parents have said to us they would like to know more about what do at home if their child has a minor accident or is unwell in some way. As Thanks to our Social Enterprise Partnership, our sister Training Company is offering First Aid training for any of our parents who are interested. Please just email to find out when our next training session will be.


Health and Safety – Car Parking

The health, safety and well being of your children, our staff and visitors is very important to us.

Knowing how many people with cars use our car park and the inevitable congestion there is during peak times when parents collect and drop off their children in the mornings, lunchtimes and evenings, you might have noticed we have put new signs showing speed restrictions in the car park.

We are asking all drivers to be especially careful in the dark mornings and evenings when picking up and dropping off their children.